Polka Bathroom

Bathroom forms one of the most special pons of our home with its usage areas ond specific style. Polka brings a brand-new esthetic to your bathroom pleasure by offering ergonomic solutions comfortable bathroom furniture in different levels of ever-changing trends of modern life with ih new collection.

For those who want to personalize their bathroom with new product range of Polka which is prepared by considering the needs of modem life and which carries the changing world trends in its designs...

After the carefully conducted design studies, vivid, bright and lacquer colors, glass, ceramic sink, options in accordance with those colors and natural and modern alternatives in coating materials, polished products that are exactly compliant with bathroom spaces have come together for you in 2014 model Polka.

In addition to its product rangeandguarontee, Polka also carries its leading mission in Bathroom Furniture industry with its professional after-sales services.